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We are committed to fostering a sustainable business that supports the well-being of our associates, customers, communities and planet. We help people see brilliantly by delivering the widest array of products and services that restore vision through optometry and ophthalmology.


We are Alcon

David Endicott
David Endicott
Chief Executive Officer

We faced the unprecedented challenges of 2020 with an unwavering commitment to deliver on our purpose of helping people see brilliantly.

Letter from our CEO

For more than 75 years, Alcon has been guided by its purpose of helping the world See Brilliantly. Last year, we demonstrated our unwavering commitment to this purpose as we faced significant challenges with a new global health pandemic. It is my pleasure to share with you, in our second Corporate Responsibility Report, how Alcon managed the crisis, protected our associates, served our customers, and advanced our agenda for long-term value creation.

Last year, as the pandemic began to take shape, we assembled our Alcon Crisis Management team (ACM) early to coordinate our global actions. Within days, the ACM implemented a series of global and local protocols, processes, and procedures to keep associates safe and maintain business continuity. While many of our corporate associates transitioned to remote work, thousands of associates in manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers remained in their current work environments to continue to deliver an uninterrupted supply of products and services to our customers. Our teams rapidly implemented on-site safety protocols that mitigated the risk of infections across our global sites and also supported productivity for our remote workers. I can’t thank them enough for their determined efforts to serve patients.

Throughout the pandemic, we have maintained full employment and salary levels. In addition, we collaborated with the industry on safety protocols and workflow strategies, engaged our customers with educational content and practice resources, and transitioned our philanthropy efforts to support critical needs in our communities. I am proud of the way our company responded to the healthcare crisis.

Despite significant uncertainty, we also remained steadfastly committed to our strategic initiatives and innovation agenda. We stayed on course with our separation activities, substantially completing our separation in the first half of 2021, and made great progress with our transformation efforts. With the continued implementation of our new contact lens manufacturing lines, we launched a new contact lens brand this year. We maintained steady investments in our innovation pipeline and introduced a new stage-gate process to align our cross-functional teams at the start of every project. As part of our product design process, we began integrating environmental sustainability requirements to support our commitment to reducing waste and increasing circularity in our products.

At the core of our success are Alcon’s people and culture. This past year, we continued to build on our values with new programs that support our associates. Because we believe we are building a company whose best innovations are informed by diverse perspectives, we established D&I as an enterprise-wide priority with we established D&I as an enterprise-wide priority with specific management objectives. Our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) office and Executive Diversity Council renewed our D&I strategy and utilized our employee resource groups for input.

Finally, we are making progress with our environmental sustainability efforts. Our materiality assessment has shaped our priorities in the management of carbon emissions, waste, water, and energy and we have detailed our strategy and action plan in this report. We are currently taking the steps to holistically assess our global environmental footprint. When completed, this study will inform our future strategy in sustainability.

I want to acknowledge the enormous resilience of our associates this year, especially our frontline workers, whose dedication demonstrated our commitment to patients and customers during the global health crisis. They continue to drive our purpose in creating a world where everyone has the ability to See Brilliantly.